Wednesday, 31 July 2013

I like to plan ahead . . . years ahead

I've known for at least a few years that if I ever have a kid, and that kid turns out to be a girl, I want to name her Jensen. Regardless of my significant other when/if the time comes, it's happening. I will not budge on this.

I also recently added Spencer to my list of names-my-daughters-will-be-named

To make sure that no one can screw with my future life plans, I made this

Whoever I'm dating/involved with/married to at the time will have to go with it because fuck you this took me five fucking days to make and that's a huge amount of commitment for me so get used to the name because this is it.

I already started on one for Spencer, but three-quarters of the way through I decided I hated the colours I had picked (white and burgundy) so I had to take time out of my vacation and go buy some more yarn. I finally decided on pale gold and a dusty pink. 

I'll post pictures when I'm done!

I also plan on making a few of these blankets for my aunt (she already has a daughter and is expecting another little girl in October so I won't be starting on that one until the little one's born and officially named)

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Districts 8 and 9 complete!

I finally finished these two; District 9 took me quiet a bit of time seeing as I started it before I had to travel to the states twice in the same week (a four hour car ride each way).

That shouldn't really be an excuse seeing as I had about 16 hours driving time, but I get really bad motion sickness in cars if I try to do anything that I have to stare at. Knitting and crocheting makes my head spin and reading . . . I just end up throwing up. Tiny print and constant motion does not sit well with me.

(In general, I get really bad motion sickness. Like flying and fair rides and driving, but the worst is being on a boat. Which fucking sucks because I love the water.)

And I have another trip to the states planned in a few weeks. Awesome.

Hopefully I'll have the entire blanket finished before then, but in case not, here's 8 & 9.

I changed the chart for 9 because I figured if nines official industry is grain, I didn't really get the point of the factory. 

9 down, 3 to go!