Thursday, 6 August 2015

I'm a college graduate!

This announcement may be a little late seeing as I graduated in April but I literally finished my practicum at the end of June and I've been on various camping trips and holidays since then. It's also the reason I've been unable to update any of my projects and patterns (I promise it's coming soon!).

I was on a waiting list for a year before I got accepted into my program literally the day before classes started. The program I took (Unit Clerk) was only three and a half months long with a one month full time practicum. Most of the time, it was crazy. It was a lot of information to fit into three months of schooling and I found most of what I learned was actually on the job while I did my preceptorship. It was a busy few months but I enjoyed it immensely. I've realized I missed being in school.

And that brings me to my next announcement . . . I'm going back!!

I've been told I'm an overachiever and that I'll be in debt until I'm 40 but honestly, I love being in school. Even if I have to pay for it.

About a week before I graduated the Unit Clerk program, I got confirmation that I was accepted into the Nursing program and, while I've been freaking out about the cost of my first semesters tuition (almost $2,400), textbooks ($646) and equipment ($538), I'm so ready for the challenge. I'm the last graduated woman in my family to go in to Nursing (my four year old cousin is already telling people she's going to be a nurse just like her mommy). My mom, aunt, and both my female cousins all work at the hospital. In addition, all the women in my boyfriends immediate family work in a medical clinic (his mom is a nurse also). So I was kindof pushed into the program but I could not be more excited. I've heard Nursing school is a lot about being organized and having the right kind of system for studying so I'll probably be making a few posts now and then about what I find works for me and what kind of advice I've received from my family of nurses and my peers.

Wish me luck! I'm probably gonna need it

~* Courtney

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