Thursday, 18 February 2016


Classes have been crazy. Literally between the start of the semester and now, my program group has dropped from 108 students to approximately 95 students. That's an almost 10% decrease in my potential graduating class. And we still haven't gotten to the hardest semester yet! (Apparently, semester 3 is the worst).

On a happier note, I passed all of my midterms! I did really well on both of my practical midterms, Vital Signs and Medical Administration (inc. Inhaler), so I'm feeling pretty happy right now.

All this craziness is why I haven't been updating lately. I had all these ideas for crochet projects and I'm expected to make presents for several baby showers and I have classmates requesting things and it's all just been a little too much. Right before Christmas last year I got really into making patterns for dinosaurs. I made two Plesiosaur prototypes, a baby T-rex pattern, and I have a Parasaurolophus that's finished, but not yet sewn together.

My Plesiosaur is my favourite; they're my fave dinos ever! And it looks so cute with it's little head and little tail and little itty bitty fins, I just love it!

If anyone's interested in the patterns, I've been contemplating putting them in my pattern shops so let me know if that's something that I should do :)

~ Courtney

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