Wednesday, 11 June 2014

DIY: Button up Tank-top

I've been crazy busy lately with work and registering for school and helping my boyfriend put together his engine but every spare second I get has been spent on Pinterest because it's addicting as hell. I've actually had a lot of inspiration to make DIY posts of things I've seen on Pinterest that I couldn't afford to buy.

Hence this post. 

I saw this super cute dress/top months ago and when I went on the website to see how much it was, I laughed and closed the tab as quickly as I could. 

I never actually found the dress on the website, but the cheapest thing on that site was upwards of $200 and I have never spent that much on clothing before. 

It turned out pretty simple to recreate (seriously, it's a tank top and work shirt. So not worth $200). MINIMAL SEWING INVOLVED!

I ended up paying less than $13 in total. The top portion is a $5 tank top that I got at walmart and the bottom is a mens cotton button up shirt that was on sale for $7, also from walmart. I cut them both off about an inch under the armpits and just quickly sewing them together. It honestly took me less than 15 minutes to make and it looks super cute on. I hate doing pleats and ruffles so when I was pinning the fabric, I just stretched the tanktop and it made its own little ruffle thing. 

Ta-da! See? Super cute with a belt on. I love belts they make everything better.

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  1. This is really cute... I wonder how it would look with a sweetheart neckline


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