Thursday, 11 September 2014

New Custom Baby Blanket Graph Pattern NOW FOR SALE!

It's been pretty crazy around my place lately; new jobs, figuring out school, lots of birthdays, and my cousin had his second baby (a boy! The first in our family since 1996).

Whenever people have babies, my favourite thing to make are name blankets. I find so many cute ones that I have trouble deciding which pattern to use. Usually when I pick a pattern though, I keep it in the family. I made one for my cousin Brynn when she was born in 2010 and when her sister, Aubree, was born last year, I used the same pattern but in different colours.

Since the new baby (Lauton; so cute!) is the first boy in the family in a while, I decided I needed something extra special and extra cute and I just wasn't loving any of the patterns I was finding.

So. . .


A new pattern!

I'm still working on the one for little Lauton so I don't have a sample for the pattern, but once I got the idea I just had to share it with everyone.

Completely personal, completely customizable and completely adorable!

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